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Shawn Chaney



Life is about finding opportunities: in our careers, homes, and personal lives. The pursuit of opportunity brought Shawn Chaney to California. After working in southern Oregon’s lumber industry, he needed a new challenge and a chance to put the business skills he honed during his MBA program to work. He moved to Stockton and found his ideal career as a real estate agent at Republic Realty.

Homeownership represents a new opportunity for thousands of people every day. For some, it’s a chance to give stability to their family. Others see it as a way to start a new life path. Whatever homeownership means to you, there’s no doubt owning a home empowers people and the communities they live in.

But, the process behind purchasing a first home can overwhelm people. Shawn Cheney likes working with first-time home buyers. For him, home ownership is an extension of the American dream. His mission is to give every client that possibility. Shawn’s background in sales helps him negotiate the right deal at the right terms, however long it takes. Nothing is as satisfying to him as handing his clients the keys to their newly purchased first home.

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